aboutdropAre you hydrated? Fact is, unless you are conscious about drinking water constantly throughout the day, the majority of the population is actually dehydrated.

Living in the dry West Australian climate can increase your chances of being dehydrated, which could lead to myriad health problems. Having Serpentine Spring Water on hand is the easy solution to staying hydrated all year round – you can be just as dehydrated in winter as in summer, whether you’re exercising or not.

Serpentine Spring Water contains a higher than average content of magnesium (compared to other spring waters), a mineral vital to muscle and nerve function, also known to reduce muscular aches and cramps.

So pure is our water that it’s purified by nature, with additional filtering.

Lastly, our sparkling water is also listed as organic, as it comes from scenic farmland that has never seen commercial farming, nor uses harmful chemicals, such as pesticides and herbicides.

Now there’s never been a better reason to start drinking Serpentine Spring Water.


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